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We are on a mission to disrupt traditional publishing, television and websites. Get in control of your content, data and revenue now!

Everything growing is driven by video: adapt or die.

Media consumption is changing rapidly and we have the ambition to change the media industry even faster. How? By creating the best technology to distribute and monetize your content from a single source, with the worlds smartest and most cost effective technology.

At TradeCast.tv, we believe that any company, organization, entrepreneur, yes ’anyone’ should be able to start their own worldwide broadcasting network. Unlike other video and social platforms, we believe it is essential for you to stay in control of your content, your data and your revenue.

TradeCast.tv provides you with a one-stop, end-to-end solution to do exactly that.

The worldwide media landscape is rapidly changing. Broadcasters, publishers and entrepreneurs are constantly searching for new ways to reach their audiences and take advantage of the new opportunities this digital video age provides. And with TradeCast.tv’s product licenses, truly embracing video has never been easier.

Video is all set to be the savior of the publishing industry. Media companies worldwide that are producing branded video content are about to experience tremendous growth.

TradeCast.tv supplies you with the technology to cost-effectively create or adapt to a healthy business model in the rapidly changing media landscape. With our all-in-one solution, you are able to easily create, manage, distribute and monetize all the great new broadcast and business opportunities of this new digital age.

Own your worldwide broadcasting network: true value for your business and the best ROI for your investments in online video.

It’s all about control

Own your worldwide broadcasting network: true value for your business and the best ROI for your investments in online video.

The only way to create true value with your own content is to be fully in control of your data and revenue. TradeCast.tv provides you with a one-stop, end-to-end solution to do just that. And instead of some general analytic data, we show you exactly who is watching, when they’re watching and what they are watching or sharing.

Increase your production value with smart content production

Smart content production

Don’t fret, producing content for your channel is anything but a hassle. At TradeCast.tv, we believe in smart content production. A team of young, talented, lean and mean content producers can get the job done right and in no time at all. But that’s just one example of smart content production. Watch the video below for our content production philosophy.

The TradeCast.tv platform is fully SaaS. This means we remove the need for your organization to install applications or buy expensive hardware to run your global, interactive TV channel. Instead, TradeCast.tv runs on cloud software and is completely web based. We manage everything on the technical end (front and backend) of the platform: updates, additions, improvements, everything to make sure your content platform runs smoothly. All so you can fully focus on what really matters: creating great content, a strong business model and effective marketing.

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